A summer filled with books

Thanks to the #10summerblogs challenge I am jumping into the blogging world to share a love of reading, teaching and community. I am a middle school classroom reading teacher.  I have the distinct pleasure of sharing books and reading strategies with over 100 students a day.  What could be better!

Last summer I attended a Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) Summer Institute. One of the keynote speakers during the fabulous week was Kylene Beers. During her talk she noted that Twitter is the single most important professional development tool we have today.  My short time on Twitter has offered exciting new ideas for my middle school classroom, a host of new reading mentors and an always available platform to share ideas.  What a gift!  Folks like Kelly Gallagher, Donalyn Miller, Penny Kittle, Kylene Beers and more light the way for engaging students as lifelong readers.

This summer I have big plans for reading and learning.  A few highlights include:

  • another TCRWP summer reading institute
  • a book study with colleagues on PLCs
  • work on countywide language arts curriculum
  • Donalyn Miller’s book-a-day challenge!

Before school ends, my students will:

  • create a recommended book list for the rest of their middle school community. Everyday students charge into the classroom excitedly talking about the review they plan to include in our summer “must-read” list.  The enthusiasm is contagious.
  • participate in a “Book Speed Dating” day so each student can build a personal summer reading list.  It is all about choice.
  • set a summer book challenge and each student will select an individual reading goal for the summer.  I will tell them about the book-a-day challenge I have accepted and update them via an approved site as my reading progresses 🙂  I look forward to hearing about all the books my students are reading.

With only a few short weeks of school left, my mind is filled with books.  As I finish this blog I am already turning to the book sitting on the table beside me…I love holidays for reading!