Book a Day Challenge

The Nerdy Book Club’s Book-a-Day Challenge peeked my interest.  Could I really read a book a day? The stack of books in my dining room suggests that is exactly what I need to do!

My plan was to start the challenge on June 20th, the day school gets out for summer.  However, Laurie Halse Anderson’s lovely new book The Impossible Knife of Memory was just too tempting. I started the book this morning sitting on the patio in the early morning sunlight.  I took the book with me to run errands as well as on a visit to a local playhouse to watch two students perform proudly in front of a large audience :-).  I finished the book as the sun set.  The luxury of a whole wonderful book in a day is exhilirating!  I now know my summer days will be filled with a variety of picture books, graphic novels, professional books, non-fiction books and novels.  I can’t wait to tackle tomorrow’s book!

As for LHA’s new book, I highly recommend everyone rush out and pick up a copy.  The book is filled with imperfect characters who work their way into your heart as you read.  The struggles of Hayley, her father Andy, Finn and best friend Gracie are very real for many of today’s teen.  Hayley’s relationship with her war veteran father exists on pins and needles.  As a reader, I found myself holding my breath each time Hayley opened the door to her house wondering what version of her father she would encounter.  Anderson’s searing prose stays with me…I love these characters and feel like I know them personally.

I think Amber McRee Turner’s Circa Now is up next in the pile.  Can’t wait!