A New School Year Resolution

As August winds down, I find myself waking up earlier and earlier.  I head out to my porch with a cup of coffee, the computer and pages of notes.  You see these days my mind is buzzing with ideas for the start of school. I have designed and redesigned the first week’s activities. My blackboard site has a new look and I am planning a twitter future for my classes!

Summer is the perfect time to refresh and revitalize oneself.  But, as I approach a new school year I am mindful that busy days are ahead.  Before I meet my new students I am making a pledge to find the time each day to reflect on my daily teaching practices. What did the students learn? Is there a better way to share the information? How is the class community growing?

As I set up my classroom I will make room for a very short list of reflective questions next to my chair.  Additionally, I will set aside time to answer these questions each day.  Planning lessons ahead is wise but adhering to plans without taking into account the interaction of students is foolhardy.  I can’t wait to see how my focus on reflection changes my teaching.

I am so thankful for the quiet days of summer. I hope to find moments of summer at the end of each teaching day.


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