A Blustery Day


Washington, D.C. was hit by a powerful windstorm this weekend. The federal government and area schools closed for the day on Friday. Social media overflowed with comments about how wimpy Washingtonians are when it comes to weather. It is only wind for goodness sake.

However, the wind that howled and whipped and tore tree trunks straight from the ground was anything but wimpy. All day we have listened to the wind roar. At times it felt as if the roof might leave the house. The sound of cracking tree limbs scored the air. We watched as our neighbor’s adjoining fence fell into their yard, leaving a gaping space between our previously separate yards.

When it was time to take my dogs for a brief walk, a neighbor cautioned I should walk in the middle of the street to avoid any falling tree branches. Yes, Washingtonians tend to overreact when it comes to weather. After spending several winters in the Midwest, I am often surprised by how quickly things shut down in Washington at the mention of snow. But, this Friday the caution was warranted. Safety comes first.


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