Stepping Back in Time


This evening I sit in a chair by the fire in our Mohonk Mountain House room. Nestled in the enormous Mohonk Nature Preserve, the Mountain House is a Victorian-era hotel built in the grand old style. Sweeping wooden staircases lead to hallways filled with large oak doors.

In the afternoon, tea and cookies are served in the great lounge and dinner takes place in a beautiful, big wooden dining room fronted by large paned windows. The Catskill Mountains rise up beyond the windows, offering a breath-taking view as the sun sets.

There is no television in our room and once I finish this blog post the last electronic device will be shut down for the day. We brought large book stacks and spent the late afternoon hours roaming the hotel scoping out inviting reading nooks.

Rest and relaxation, along with the restorative power of books, is the perfect recipe for the ideal spring break.


One thought on “Stepping Back in Time

  1. Yes.. this definitely sounds like my perfect vacation. I’ve never been to the Catskills, this slice has me adding it to my places to travel. In addition to my TBR pile, I have PTT list… beautiful!


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