Why I Teach


She entered the room quietly,

sitting by herself.

A complex emotional life

bubbled below the surface,

but her face remained emotionless.

Today, she worked diligently

outlining an essay.

The quiet space around her

felt like a moat other students

were unsure if they wanted to cross.

I stopped by her desk to check in

and she asked my opinion…

“What do you think? Am I on the right track?”

A glance at her jottings revealed

a clear understanding of the task.

“Such original thinking…very compelling,”

She looked up and beamed.

Her smile,

a bright light cracking the surface

she worked so hard to construct.

A girl at the next table looked up,

“What did you write? Do you mind sharing?”


I teach

because I have faith

in the power of community.

Yes, I love reading and writing.

But, equally important,

are the moments of true

human connection

I witness everyday

in my classroom.

4 thoughts on “Why I Teach

  1. Leah Graham McFarlane says:

    Thank goodness for fellow writers who decide to cross the moat. I am certain you help them build the bridge.


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