A Bucket List Evening


One by one, members of her band

quietly walk on stage.

A diminutive piano player with a pork pie hat,

a cool stand-up bass player,

a Brazilian guitarist,

and the heartbeat of the band,

her drummer.

Each musician has a resume


but the audience waits with held breath

for the reason we are there this snowy Friday evening…

Dianne Reeves walks onto stage, larger than life,

in an emerald silk dress and a long brocade jacket —

she looks like royalty.

The velvet seats of the Kennedy Center

are clearly underdressed.

An NEA Jazz Master, the guest of presidents, royalty and

every major performance hall in the world,

Dianne Reeves is incomparable.

When the applause dies down,

Ms. Reeves opens her mouth and

bathes the audience in rich, dulcet tones.

Warm stories about family and early life are sprinkled

between songs.

For this one evening,

music transported us all to a world built

of bright colors, joyful energy and pure intention.





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