Sharing Space with Raccoons


Yesterday morning, my predawn walk with our dogs led to an encounter with two young foxes. Today, I set off hoping to see our fox friends again. However, just steps out the front door, another creature crossed our path…a raccoon.

The young raccoon ambled down our driveway, heading for the trashcans set at the curb. One look at the dogs and the raccoon backed into the shadows of the neighbor’s house.

The raccoons regularly visit our trashcans. We have tried bricks on top of the cans, a bungee cord securing the lid as well as a motion-activated light.  These raccoons are tenacious.

In fact, this summer when our son was visiting, a raccoon accidentally fell into an empty trash can in the morning. When Nash took out the trash after dinner, he opened the lid to an angry, albeit dehydrated raccoon. We used a pole to knock the trash can over to free the raccoon. He waddled off a bit woozy from the heat. However, the trapped experience did not deter the raccoon and his family from feasting on our trash in the dark of night.

Raccoons are funny creatures. Some mornings, I find perfectly cleaned bones and neatly arranged peels on top of the trash cans, as if the raccoon set a table and enjoyed a dignified meal.

This morning, we interrupted an early breakfast. I imagine the raccoon was happy to see me head off to work so he could eat in peace.


5 thoughts on “Sharing Space with Raccoons

  1. I love how you painted the picture of raccoons sitting down to a dignified meal. Now all I can see are raccoons sitting down in little tuxedos and using little shrimp forks to dine.


  2. I, too, enjoyed the image of the raccoons settling in to a proper morning breakfast. You must have bionic raccoons. We’ve had consistent success using bungees and cinderblocks.


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