Kitchen Window



When I first stepped into the house
where I now live,
my eyes were drawn to light
streaming through the kitchen window.

Mind you, the house has larger windows —
windows designed to impress,
with white plantation shutters
and broader views.

But, the kitchen window
is the perfect size.
It nestles above a deep ceramic sink
with a ledge just right
for a small potted plant,
some candles, a few trinkets.

First thing in the morning,
I often stand,
coffee cup in hand,
to watch the sun rise just down the street.

Blazing pink and muted orange
dress the day
just outside my kitchen window.

One thought on “Kitchen Window

  1. Season of Service says:

    Your imagery has allowed me to picture you, standing there, sun beaming against your face, steam floating up from the cup containing your morning brew. I can tell this window means a lot to you. You experience much at the mercy of this window. What a blessing!


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