What Lies Beneath

When the tide is low

the center of the meandering river

reveals small islands of lush green grass.

How this grass took root,

in such a tenuous spot,

is a wonder.

The water constantly moving

buffets the sturdy tufts.


when the sky clouds and the rain descends,

the gentle islands of grass


Rushing liquid pours over the grass,

causing a slight disturbance

in the river’s flow.

Had I not seen the majestic stalks waving

in the low tide,

I would not hold

the delicious secret I have now.

Hidden below the shimmering surface

lies an oasis,

a verdant respite

from the world’s turmoil.

If only the brave reeds can withstand

the urgent march of changing times.

5 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath

  1. I’ve found you nature themed poems so soothing! The natural world holds fast to its laws, cycles and interdependency despite what manmade interferences we’ve throw at it. Your poetry both lyrical and humbling.


  2. Ooo I really feel love how you explore the beauty and make us feel special that we are in on the secret too. I loved this line, “a verdant respite from the world’s turmoil.”


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