Baked with Love

Yesterday was my son’s birthday.

His one request for dinner tonight:

Boston cream pie.

Through the years I have tried a host of recipes.

Boston cream pie is actually a yellow cake

with custard layers and chocolate ganache drizzled on top.

Never have I made a Boston cream pie that satisfied me.

Today, I rose early, walked the dogs,

visited the market for a few final ingredients,

and took to the kitchen armed with a new recipe.

In fact, the recipe is a revelation.

Ina Garten, a favorite cook & East Hampton acquaintance of my stepmother,

added Boston cream pie to her latest cookbook.

But, it is Garten’s lengthy essay, included with the recipe,

that gives me confidence and comfort.

Garten spent six years trying to perfect a Boston cream pie recipe,

only to be disappointed year after year.

Finally, with a suggestion for a “cake soak” from

“an extraordinary baker”, Garten found success.

In my sunny, moss green kitchen,

I spent the morning going through the paces of Garten’s recipe.

I realize now…

folding pastry cream, melting chocolate,

baking a cake light as air —

are all signs of love.

Tonight will tell if the intricate recipe

produces an exquisite desert.

But regardless,

I spent the morning thinking of my son

with each additional ingredient —

I consider it a win already.

6 thoughts on “Baked with Love

  1. So how was the love you gave your son? A good as it sounds? I love the work you put into this dessert. I am sure no matter what you had a lovely evening. Happy Birth Day to both of you!


  2. Happy Birthday to Nash!

    Boston cream pie is ambitious, but so are you. I love that you and Ina Garten have kept at it all these years.

    “I realize now…

    folding pastry cream, melting chocolate,

    baking a cake light as air —

    are all signs of love.”

    My friend said something similar. She said she cooked and baked for others to express the love she felt for them.

    Nash is blessed to have you for his Mama.


  3. I kinda wanted to know the rest of the story….the review of this years cake.
    But then I was OK to know it was a win as you followed a complicated recipe and step by step remembered the years enjoyed with Nash. Lovely slice about love!


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