As We Age…

Isolation Journal Prompt #142

Select a text to erase. Study the page, and se what rises up.

As we age, we are bound to find comfort from the notion that it takes generations for a way of life to fade. We are familiar with the songs our grandparents favored, after all, even though we never danced to them ourselves. At festive holidays, the recipes we pull from the drawer are routinely decades old, and in some cases even written in the hand of a relative long since dead. And the objects in our homes? The oriental coffee tables and well-worn desks that have been handed down from generation to generation? Despite being “out of fashion,” not only do they add beauty to our daily lives, they lend material credibility to our presumption that the passing of an era will be glacial.    

But under certain circumstances, the Count finally acknowledged, this process can occur in the comparative blink of an eye. Popular upheaval, political turmoil, industrial progress — any combination of these can cause the evolution of a society to leapfrog generations, sweeping aside aspects of the past that might otherwise have lingered for decades. And this must be especially so, when those with newfound power are men who distrust any form of hesitation or nuance, and who prize self assurance above all.                                   

A Gentleman in Moscow p. 144

As We Age

As we age,

the notion we are familiar with…

songs favored by our grandparents,

festive holidays,

recipes decades old

written in the hand long dead,

–in the comparative blink of an eye–

have newfound power.

4 thoughts on “As We Age…

  1. Wow. You had me at “Gentleman”, one of my very favorite books. Amor Towles has a new book coming out in October I think! But what a powerful poem you pulled from this excerpt. It’s like a poem was buried in his writing. well done!


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