Six Feet Apart

After a year cocooned

in homes large and small,

humans are beginning to peek out

from the chrysalis crafted by Covid-19.

Masks in place,

wings are spreading,

propelling individuals toward

stores, parks, outdoor spaces

and schools.


the youngest of butterflies,

pack everything needed

for a day spent six feet apart —

from everyone.

The past year has taught us perseverance.

Yet, I argue

it is the students shining brightest.

With a steadfastness

far beyond their years,

my students offer one another

kindness, humanity and

honest words on the page.

No doubt today’s youth

are changed by the past year.

But, if what I see in my concurrent classrooms

is any indication,

a steely new generation is on the rise.

*Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Six Feet Apart

  1. I love your extended metaphor here! Our youngest “humans are beginning to peek out from the chrysalis crafted by Covid-19” I think you are on to something here! Are kiddos are going to prove they are “a steely new generation.” One that “is on the rise!”


  2. I love how you describe this using the metaphor of a butterfly. It works so well!
    I’m also glad you documented this. Years from now, we will have to gather and reread together our pandemic writing. I am hoping it will become a very distance memory and poems like this will be appreciated because they will take us back.


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