The Calm Before…

Glancing up

at the night sky

I notice

whisper-thin clouds

racing across

the moon’s pale light .

Momentarily disoriented,

my eyes return

to the slow moving evening.

Do the clouds

know something I do not?

A quickening breeze

rustles nearby branches,

the scent of damp earth

floats along in the wind,

crickets quiet.

The storm creeps in

on soundless feet.

6 thoughts on “The Calm Before…

  1. Anita Ferreri says:

    This is a perfect play on the quiet before the spring storm that will come to support new life and wreck havoc as it arrives. This one is professional and worthy of publication.


  2. lvahey says:

    We had a strange spring thunderstorm last night, too… big lightening and long rumbling thunder. I missed going outside to feel/hear/smell/see it – your poem fills my senses!


  3. Beautiful!
    I am experiencing the roar of the wind here right now, but it must be mostly above me, because I hear it more than feel it. Strange! Lovely imagery here – I can picture myself right in the scene because of your description.


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