Early morning walkabouts

provide one unparalleled advantage —

freedom to roam.

Specifically, I wander

into the middle of the street.

On quiet deserted lanes

the middle of the road provides

a wider sky,

a broader vista.

My dogs happily hop the curb

and beeline to the center,

unbound by narrow sidewalks

and carefully manicured lawns.

From the street’s midpoint,

it is easy to view

cherry blossom trees

arching fragrant boughs

as if uncurling after a long nap.

Cresting a hill,

one breathes in

and breathes out,

as the widening expanse calls for pause.

Headlights rounding a corner

in our direction,

receive unjustified indignation

as the pups and I

are forced to return

to constricting conformity.

Next time you venture out,

consider boldly claiming

the entire road,

surveying your kingdom

from the center…

and breathing in,

breathing out.

5 thoughts on “Centered

  1. Well written! And so true. Break the rules (a little) and see where it takes you! Drive a different route to work or the store. Change up the schedule, the routine at work. Eat breakfast for dinner! Enjoy the view until life tugs you back. But enjoy!


  2. Just perfect! I love your cherry tree boughs uncurling from a nap! I also love that you walk in the middle of the street. We can only do that on snow days here – but it is a forbidden fruit of the most delicious flavor. Thank you for the beauty in your words; they have be a welcomed foray each day.


  3. Although I have not seen you, my friend, I feel as if I have walked along that open road with you this month. Through your breathtaking poetry, I am transported, lifted, and inspired. Thank you for sharing your words. Till next year…


  4. This is beautiful. I think its a covid thing, to walk in the center of the street! Here, you make it profound, and I love the connection with the blooms and breathing. Another March of writing- also beautiful. I hope to actually see you soon.


  5. I’m going to miss reading about your morning walks. A reminder of how vitally important the freedom to roam in nature is for our mental health!

    You capture the emotions with the perfect phrasing. I love this ending:
    “consider boldly claiming

    the entire road,

    surveying your kingdom

    from the center…”


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