A Clean Slate

For years,

I bought a fresh white tee shirt

and a pair of white keds

each summer.

Unboxing those sneakers

released summer scents,

sand from beach combing,

and the smoke from a campfire.

Members of my family can tell you,

white was not a good idea

for a messy girl like me.

So why the choice?

Truth is…

those fresh tees

and stiff sneakers

were a clean slate,

an act of hope.

I charged into the warm months

armed with the belief

that a few spills,

a few tears,

would not inflict irreparable harm

on my spirit.

Clean slates are a good thing…

We all need second chances.

One thought on “A Clean Slate

  1. Love the imagery in this poem. You are about due for some new whites and a fresh start to a hopeful spring. Favorite lines: “those fresh tees/and stiff sneakers/were a clean slate,/an act of hope.”


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