The dogs eyed me

suspiciously –



Less than 48 hours ago

we were sunning ourselves

in the verdant grass.

I know,

my eyes answered,

but snow has fallen

and the temperature dropped.

Just then,

the open door

admitted a burst of 21* air.

The pups and I

locked eyes,

tightened our collars,

squared our chins

and ventured forth.


8 thoughts on “Arctic

  1. Weather is can change so rapidly. I love using the perspective of your dogs to share this story. Great word choice with verdant! I’m eyeing the layout of your blog as I seek to improve mine. Thanks for sharing a great slice!


  2. mrssurridge says:

    How very brave of you! You can totally understand their confusion. I hope you all were able to stay warm throughout your walk and that the sun returns to stay soon.


  3. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    Mother Nature sure is fickle. (This is the reason why spring is not my favorite season.) Your dogs seem to be as confused as we are, but I am sure they thanked you!


  4. Be sure to add this as a menotr text for your Poetry Unit. I know kids with pets will have fun writing a poem that includes what owner and pet say to each other. So glad you included a photo, too!


  5. Haha I love their facial expressions! They definitely get used to routines and if something shifts, it’s time for the “are you crazy” look. Our cat loves to bask himself in the sun on the corner of the bed. Some days it’s cloudy or raining, and he looks at us like we must have turned off the sun.


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