Glossy Messenger

Rather than leaves,

the sturdy poplar

was clothed in starlings.

Inky black birds

rested on the branches

like dabs of oil paint

on a stretched canvas.

As the late day sun

settled just above the horizon,

each bird’s coat


an iridescent rainbow

revealing the glory hidden

in even the noisiest bird.

5 thoughts on “Glossy Messenger

  1. Gorgeous picture, gorgeously described! Your vivid details, like “inky black birds / … like dabs of oil paint…” and “an iridescent rainbow” really helped me see the beauty in these sometimes-obnoxious birds!


  2. I love these lines so much. Brilliant and brilliantly vivid: “Inky black birds” and “like dabs of oil paint.” You’ve captured these starlings perfectly– loud, social creatures…not too different from middle schoolers!


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