The Writing Journal

I came home to a small writing journal

in tatters on the floor.

Two pups hovered in the corner,

guilt written on their lovely bent faces.

I do not blame the dogs.

For words are delicious.

Words can soothe the soul,

cause love to bloom,

comfort the inconsolable.

My hope –

the poems

in the yellow journal

filled my pups

in the way

only poetry can.

9 thoughts on “The Writing Journal

  1. oh dear – I would have loved to see those pups sitting there knowing they were in trouble. My Grandson does the same thing when he has done something he knows he should not. He finds a corner and waits. So sorry about the journal – alway hard to lose a few words that way.


  2. carwilc says:

    Oh dear! My Galaxy occasionally, okay actually regularly takes on something- a book, a pair of boots, the tv remote, or my journal. I love that you shaped the experience into a gorgeous slice!


  3. This is fantastic! What a great and loving twist to put on this situation. I love that you share how poetry fills your life and your hope for your pups to receive some of that gift though eating delicious words. So creative and just speaks to your veneration of words. Thank you for a month of great poetry. Bravo!


  4. Ha ha! sometimes writing means letting go of all the seriosity and laughing when the doggos share. You got a poem out of it! Somehow the tone feels just right for the last slice of March 🙂


  5. Your poetic pups were just creating some found poetry for you to slice about! The pic and your description made me smile wide. Thank you thank you for sharing your brilliant posts (and pups) with us.


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