I rise
with the best of intentions.
Laundry to do,
windows to wash,
shelves to arrange,
pictures to sort.

after an early morning walk
with the dogs
I settle down
with coffee and,
a novel,
or paper,
or movie.

The laundry isn’t going anywhere.

12 thoughts on “UnSunday

  1. Yes, I too have a long list of to-dos! Will any of them get down after the long, snowy walk I plan to take in a little while? Probably not, the weekends too short for all of the to-dos! I hope your weekend is also too short for all of your to-dos! Go enjoy the day!


  2. I always have a long “to do” list and I typically ignore most of it. It’s not working so well for me! lol Your day sounds like it’s off to the perfect start! I started mine with a sunrise walk at the marsh and I’m sure I’ll tuck in some reading somewhere along the way! The laundry will definitely wait!


  3. What a wonderful poem and I love your sequence of dogs, coffe, reading. So familiar and comforting. So, it’s Sunday, Beth, and I say keep the Sabbath – everybody needs a day of rest! I hear you about the work to be done, in this house we really try to keep this day less about work and more about rest. Doesn’t always work, but it’s a good excuse! Im glad you are caving into leisure today 🙂


  4. I did the first part of my Sunday list and then sat down with tea and started ready posts. Not much housework getting down but enjoying some writing. Maybe I will get my own writing down as well. Enjoy your novel. I have one to finish today as well. UnSundays are great!


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