Want To Understand Teachers? Visit After School

Across the hall,
three eighth grade boys
confront a pile of late work
in math, science, geography.
The English teacher
who welcomed them with snacks
does her best to explain
a tricky equation.

This tireless teacher
knows life is tough for teens
and sometimes a little help
makes all the difference.

Another teacher
joins in —
she teaches none of them,
but teaching is what she is here for.

When covalent bonds
becomes the topic,
the two English teachers
go in search
of a science teacher.

Down the hall
and around a corner,
a science teacher is hosting
six students for help.
She orders pizza on Thursdays
because she knows kids get hungry.

Science teacher to the rescue!
Twenty minutes later,
everyone understands
a new scientific concept.

Scattered throughout the building
on any given day,
this scene repeats itself.

do not give up.
Teachers believe
in the brilliance
of students.
And, teachers know
learning is not limited
to school day hours.

7 thoughts on “Want To Understand Teachers? Visit After School

  1. Leah Koch says:

    What a beautiful summation of caring teachers. I love that the English teachers modeled learning themselves. They didn’t know about the topic, but showed how to find someone who did, and as a result, they learned something new.


  2. Wow, your post brought tears to my eyes. You captured so well the relentlessness of supporting students and students wanting to learn. Thank you for the positivity on this rainy, gloomy day!


  3. This is so beautiful. The sacrifices that are sometimes unseen and that often go unacknowledged even by us, the teachers doing the work! Thanks for the lovely slice.


  4. Kudos! Your poem is completely true, and I love how the teachers show their willingness in this poem to help, and the ways in which teachers help those in need. Your poem needs to be seen!


  5. I love the beauty of the scene you describe, and also the beauty of how you’ve brought it to life for readers. I especially love your ending–how the scene repeats itself throughout the building, throughout the days, and what you describe that teachers do and know.


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