Live Boldly

We have a limited number
of days here on earth.

This thought struck me
as I walked out into
a sparking spring morning.

Wispy clouds dust
a peach-colored sky.

Robins rest on tree branches,
and daffodils dot the border garden.

No matter what the day holds,
I know setting the right intention…
can make all the difference.

Perhaps I can tattoo
a reminder on my brain?

Maybe I need a daily nudge
to help me live
each day
to overflowing?

maybe I just need to
look up from my life
to see all I will be missing.

4 thoughts on “Live Boldly

  1. amyilene says:

    “Live Boldly”…what a strong call for action. I appreciate the way that this came together and I think your words will linger with me for quite a bit. Thank you


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