The Company of Teachers

On the day before spring break,
colleagues prepare
for a hectic day of instruction.

Spring weather,
combined with the upcoming break,
means students bouncing
chomping at the bit.

Next door,
I hear two teachers share a laugh.

Across the hall,
a serious student discussion ensues.

Down the corridor,
three teachers compare notes.

On the stairs,
a teacher comforts a crying student.

In the office,
yet another teacher greets parents.

There is no question
the pandemic changed teaching,
perhaps forever.

the heart
of every teacher I know,
puts students first.

I am honored
to be in this company.

5 thoughts on “The Company of Teachers

  1. Beth,
    I love this slice! You capture such good which is also why I am glad to be in this company!! SO so grateful I met you summers ago learning in NYC and now I can’t imagine not being in your company. Your poetry this March was on fire!!

    Liked by 1 person

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