Thursday Morning: 5:45 am



It is quiet and dark as the dogs and I pad out the door at 5:45 in the morning. The air does not hold the biting chill of a winter morning, perhaps spring is closer than I realize. Light from street lamps pools in small circles as I look down Trinity Drive. A few birds are just waking in the last cover of darkness. Every scurry in the branches startles Georgia slightly as she charges down the sidewalk.

My puppies have very different personalities. Georgia is soft and gentle around the edges. Her deep chocolate eyes peer up through long, thick lashes. She is girlie on the outside, but her independent streak regularly rises to the surface.  For instance, after a minute of snuggling, Georgia will head to the other end of a couch to settle herself. She dictates the interaction. On walks, Georgia often leads the way. Head resolutely forward, Georgia forges ahead as if she is late for an appointment.

Max, on the other hand, takes his time in the morning. He stops to smell his surroundings, sure he will miss out if he moves too quickly. Max is smaller than Georgia by a couple of pounds, which is important if you only weigh 20 pounds. However, Max acts larger than his sister when strangers are near. On the inside, Max is gentle and respectful. His kindness to his sister is reassuring.

Our morning walk is peaceful in the dark. Down the street and around a corner we trot on our way to a small man-made pond. Four ducks cut across the still surface of the water as they feed. We do not have long to tarry at the pond, Georgia has things to do and places to go. A warm glow on the lip of the horizon reminds me that I have places to go as well..

4 thoughts on “Thursday Morning: 5:45 am

  1. One can certainly learn a lot from Georgia and Max- when to lead by forging ahead and when to stop and enjoy the horizon. I love how you connected it to your own personal journey! Thank you for encouraging me to write again.


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