On Being An Optimist


This week, my students are drafting speeches about optimism. It can be tough to be optimistic in a world riddled with bullets and mired in unkind speech. In honor of my students, I crafted a brief poem:


A finely sharpened pencil scratches

the surface of the white page,

Yes. I can.

Words on the tip of the tongue

begin to tumble in a rush.

Yes. I will.

A phone rings in the dark of night

as an ear attaches to the receiver.

Yes. Of course.

Optimism does not rest in the belief

But in the willingness.


7 thoughts on “On Being An Optimist

  1. I quite love this.
    your third verse is especially powerful, as we imagine what might be at the other end of the phone line. We have all been there- needing to say “Yes, of course, I will…” The willingness. You took a fresh look at this idea.


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