Robins: Harbingers of Spring


When I was young, my mother would bring the car to a screeching halt whenever she saw the first robin in spring. I can remember my father fuming when she would yell out, “Stop the car! There is a robin!”

Today, I understand my mother’s enthusiasm. Robins are beautiful creatures. But more than simply adding ornament to the surroundings, robins are a sign of budding trees, blooming flowers and later sunsets.

This morning my walk was filled with robin sightings. I know warmer days are ahead!

3 thoughts on “Robins: Harbingers of Spring

  1. Robins symbolize renewal and new birth. This bird is also known for its beautiful song that will bring joy and happiness in your life. It is said that if the robin flies into your life, it will teach you many things. May you continue to be enthusiastic about your robin sightings!


  2. mrssurridge says:

    I really love this image of the robin in snow. I grew up in Northwestern Montana and this entire post brought back some sweet memories.


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