My 3 Favorite Outdoor Spaces

Inspired by my friend Sally, who just listed her 10 favorite spaces, I have created a list of my 3 favorite outdoor spaces. There is something special and reverential about  sacred outdoor spaces. Each of my three spaces holds personal memories. I can literally step back in time just by looking at an image or catching the scent of a cool fall morning or a warm summer day.

  1. The New Jersey Pine Barrens

My grandparents were founding members of the New Jersey Conservation Foundation. In fact, author John McPhee included the story of a walk through the woods with my grandparents in his book, The Pine Barrens. My childhood was filled with canoe trips, searching for spring peepers at dusk and walking through the woods near cranberry bogs.



2. Primrose Hill, Regent’s Park, London

When I was 21 years old, I lived in London for a short while. I loved ambling through the parks and catching different views of the city I love. Fast forward 20+ years and I returned to London to visit my son who was living in London for a semester. One beautiful morning, we walked to Regent’s Park. In a corner of the park, not far from the London Zoo sits Primrose Hill, a gentle rise ending with gorgeous views of the city of London. I love the spot so much, this photo is the screen saver on my phone!


3. Lake Michigan, Chicago

Oh how I love Chicago. Another city that has come in and out of my life through the years. There is nothing better than walking along the lakefront in the early morning. I could sit by the lake for hours.


Thanks for the inspiration Sally!

4 thoughts on “My 3 Favorite Outdoor Spaces

  1. What a wonderful glimpse into your special places. Mine would be a Wisconsin lake, I grew up near one; the ocean, we dive and will soon be heading to the Caribbean for another adventure; and the Chicago Lakefront, we live close by and enjoy spending time in the city when our schedules allow.


  2. Chicago has a special place in my heart as well. Favorite line: “My childhood was filled with canoe trips, searching for spring peepers at dusk and walking through the woods near cranberry bogs.” I can smell the sweet pine!


  3. Oh.. this is a great idea for a slice and I really enjoyed learning about your special places and memories. I had a place from my childhood called moose creek. I brings back special feelings whenever I think about spending time there.


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