In the present

record player

It was drizzling when I walked out this morning. The day promised to be full of activity. Thinking too much about it may exhaust me. But, one thing I love about my mornings is the trip in.  Teri Gross on the radio, Northside Social for coffee and then time by myself to write, prepare and organize my thinking.

Jazz music helps to settle and center me in the morning. Something about the rich tones and the way jazz envelops the room that makes being present so much easier.

Our brains whirl away at a hundred miles a minute: the grocery list, the pet store, tomorrow’s lesson, tonight’s dinner, the novel in my head and the harrowing story on the news. So many competing interests for attention. No wonder it is hard to stay in the present! I imagine most of us spend half of our lives living in the past or future.

I find when I am in the present, my vision is crisper, my senses more attune and my shoulders relax out the perpetual hunch a hectic day can produce. My goal in these busy days: deep breaths and centering myself.

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