The Fox


For the second morning this week, my dogs and I were not the only denizens of the sidewalk in the predawn hours. On Monday, we were about a block from home when the dogs stopped to smell something in the grass. I glanced up and there, across the street, less than 25 feet from us was a fox. For a glorious moment or two, the fox and I stood transfixed. My dogs were still oblivious to the wild creature so very near.

Georgia’s head popped up quickly. Perhaps she caught the scent of the fox or she was done with the smell in the grass. Max was quick to react. My dogs growled and pulled at their leashes as they lunged in the direction of the fox.

The fox, while startled, did not move immediately. He considered the dogs and then trotted up the street away from us. About half way up the block, the fox stopped, turned and regarded us with curiosity before venturing into a neighbor’s yard.

This time of year we often see a fox at a distance down the street in the evening. Sometimes the dogs pick up the fox’s scent in the dewy morning grass of our own yard. However, there is something thrilling about a close, unexpected encounter.

Today’s walk was brisk, thanks to a chill in the air. Thus, it was especially surreal to look across the street and see our friend the fox watching us. I wonder if he looks at Max and Georgia as long lost relatives? Is it coincidence or curiosity bringing us together in the early morning?

I cannot wait for our walk tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “The Fox

  1. Leah McFarlane says:

    I love the idea of your fox and your dogs watching one another. I can imagine telepathic communication between them.


  2. mrssurridge says:

    I’ve been with my dog and seen coyotes. And it’s true–they always trot away like they don’t have a care in the world. But then about 100 yards away they stop, turn around and look at us one more time, and then venture on to the next place. I bet they have some interesting stories to tell.


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