New Beginnings


For many, the first day of March signals the heralding of a new season. March can be chilly one day and balmy the next, but the world is surely moving toward spring.

As I walked outside on this dark chilly March morning, I was pelted by a hard sleet. The front walk was glassy and my dogs and I stepped gingerly into the yard. A coating of white beads, like the space age Dippin’ Dots ice cream kids find at mall kiosks, peppered the yard. As a teacher, I immediately wondered about the safety of bus routes and sidewalks.

A glance at my phone revealed schools are closed. A short burst of wintry mix at just the wrong moment is giving students a day of respite. I hope my students enjoy a day unencumbered by deadlines, practices, or any kind of stress. It is a good day to curl up with a book 🙂

For me, the unexpected day off allows time to write, reflect and read. On this first day of the Slice of Life challenge, I am typing away at my kitchen table with a good cup of coffee and two pups looking at me from the couch. Outside, birds are waking up and the cars are glazed with icy snow. As the sun comes up, I can see the roads are safe and I can venture out whenever I want. But for now, I am thankful for a quiet morning and a chance to write.

What a relaxing way to start March!


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