Jazz Club

blues alley

The steady hum of conversation

simmers down when the trio enters the room.

A few scattered handclaps join a heavy note

of anticipation.

The drummer is a legend.

At 78, one wonders if the set will be too much.

On saxophone, a rising star.

And, at center stage,

a jazz master settles behind the keyboards.

Stage lights dim, whispered conversation


Then the first extended note unfurls.

Jazz is an intimate, improvised experience.

As the music builds and the trio melds,

it is easy to imagine

the universe has aligned just for you,

your very own anthem penned

on the night air.


6 thoughts on “Jazz Club

  1. Lisa-Beth Lovero says:

    a hint of the smokey jazz club air linger in this post….although smoking isn’t allowed any more, your post brings it back- Jazz was never my thing- I like singing, but the talent those hep cats have is inspiring!


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