One of the benefits of having dogs is getting out in the neighborhood. When I was young, Sunday afternoon meant kids out on bikes and adults gardening, walking or dropping by to say hello. Wedding receptions, graduation parties, and holidays were a welcoming affair that often flowed out into the street.

Today, the world feels busier and technology often keeps us glued to our desks or kitchen tables on a Sunday. I have two young dogs who love to walk. During the week, dog walkers and I combine for an average of 3-4 short walks a day. On weekends, though, the dogs and I can wander.

On this Sunday, the pups stop to smell things and greet other dogs. I notice houses and gardens that whiz by outside my car window during the week. Neighbors wave hello.  Dog greetings means I get to catch up on the latest human news.

My dogs help me look up from my life and see the connections possible right out the front door.


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