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For the second year, my friend Sally

arrived at school in February

with a calendar

and two sheets of orange stickers.

“Each time you blog,

place an orange sticker on the calendar.

The goal is 31 stickers for 31 days in March.”

As a sucker for checked boxes

and filled in calendars,

I reveled in the idea of “slicing”.

I had sliced before,

a few posts here and a few posts there.

No accountability and no expectations.

But, as part of a group of slicers,

I made sure I posted and commented every day.

Yes, every day for 31 days

I wrote a slice of my life.

I read slices from writers near and far.

Stepping into the kitchens, backyards

and school hallways of other slicers

opened the doors to a generous community

of honest writers.

I am forever grateful

for the community built around

writing slices of life.




3 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. What fun to have a friend who slices with you and stickers to keep up the momentum. I think TWT should put some orange stickers in their store. I’m a sucker for stickers too!


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