ground us.

To do lists, calendars,

busy agendas —

these are the foundation stones

of our society.


when the calendar

is empty

and the tasks become


there is a calmness

that descentds

Birds and breezes

are suddenly more apparent.

The shade of trees,

the scent of flowers,

become gifts.

Sleepless nights still abound

as worry keeps eyes open,

but there is peace too

when we are untethered.

** inspired by Allison Joseph’s “Untethered”.

2 thoughts on “Ordinary

  1. Dear Beth…

    This poem took my breath away! I felt like something was reaching into my heart as I read every word, and I’m sure after posting this, I will read it again.

    There is a simplicity and complexity that are inherent in masterful poetry that you have clearly captured here. It compels reflection in the gentlest of ways, while requiring the reader to consider things that could in some ways, be painful.

    How diligent we are at our efforts to maintain the upkeep of our busy lives; yet, we forget the depth of restoration that can come from simply being untethered.

    I won’t soon forget this prolific admonition. Job well done!


    ~Carla Michelle

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  2. Love this so much! Lately, I have been especially grounded by my to-do lists but so wish to be untethered and you captured the sentiment so well. I was especially struck by the line “foundation stones of society.”


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