Three Kinds of Rain

As I open the door,

it is not instantly obvious

there is rain.

A fine mist brushes my cheek

and I raise the hood on my jacket.

The dogs lift their noses to the sky,

puzzled by the whisper of moisture.

Enough rain to glaze the leaves,

but too little to keep us indoors.

A heavy rain, on the other hand,

is another matter…

calling for a screened in porch, a cup of tea

and some company to listen to

the rain beat a steady rhythm on the roof.

A downpour is even better

when accompanied by the rumble of thunder.

The porch is both inside and out — comfort in a storm.


it is the summer rain that evokes a deep breath.

Summer rains are warm, soft and welcoming.

After a summer rain,

the fertile ground releases scents

of rich soil, lilac and freshly mown grass.

Summer rain brings life

as the world around us

blooms from the generosity of clouds.

5 thoughts on “Three Kinds of Rain

  1. Oh such a soothing rain filled poem, you’ve captured the different types of rain and all the emotions they evoke so perfectly! So much imagery, it almost makes me enjoy rain again (I’m not a fan either, as I’ve had to endure monsoon downpours for days on end over the past 12 years!!)


  2. Your detailed and vivid description of rain was a beautiful melody and an inspiration to pay closer attention to the next type of rain I encounter. I appreciate the contrast in these lines, ” I had gotten into a rhythm, and became almost mesmerized by the smack of the 20 lb ball slamming into the pavement.”


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