Visions of Spring

“Stop the car!”

My father,

slamming on the brakes,

at my mother’s exhortation,

sent we three young children

forward into the heavy padding

of our Country Squire station wagon’s front seat.

I do not remember how upset my father was at the outburst

or how long it took to shake off the startling stop.

What I remember vividly is my mother’s face

beaming as she rolled down the window

and peered into a neighbor’s front yard.


a flock of robins

bobbed up and down,

their red breasts jutting out as they righted themselves

between stabs at the thawing lawn,

all in search of seed.

Robins, a harbinger of spring,

still pull me up short

when I spy

the flash of a red breast

or hear the robin’s song

quilt the air on an early spring morning.

6 thoughts on “Visions of Spring

  1. It was so unexpected to find out that the urgent stop was for a pleasant reason. What a nice surprise- I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than one or two robins at once- a flock must have been a sight to see.


  2. Is it a universal truth for many mothers to be doting bird-watchers? I was inspired by this line, “robins, a harbinger of spring.” Thank you for sharing this memory. I agree with Sally- I will be using your poems as mentor texts!


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