When we waver,

it is often done in silence.

Silence offers the mind space to regret,

mourn, ponder, reflect.

Silence speaks as loudly

as the truth.

Silence can be a canyon

filled with the noise

of a thousand minds speaking, yet unheard.


silence can also be bliss.

Silence can be a reward

at the end of a day filled with sound.

Silence can be savored,

cherished, appreciated.

Silence is never nothing.

*This poem was inspired by Krysten Hill’s poem “Nothing”.

Photo by Andy Køgl on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Wow, this poem really got me thinking, especially as someone who processes internally and is often perceived as “silent” to others. I loved the lines, “Silence offers the mind space to regret, mourn, ponder, reflect.”


  2. WOW! I was thinking “What inspired you to write this?” and then I saw you added your inspiration. I love the last line. Silence is often defines as what is not there and implies “nothing” But you boldly end with the opposite idea. Silence is never nothing. Thnaks for getting me to think! Thanks for sharing your poem!


  3. Silence is never nothing. So simple and yet boy does that ring true. Sometimes it’s coveted and sometimes is awful. And… how much control can we exert into affecting which one we experience?
    Great post!


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