Evening Light

The Manitou Island ferry

departs for the mainland

as we stand,

backpacks hoisted on shoulders,

watching from the shore.

The deserted island,

now a national park,

had been a stop for ships

traveling from Canada.

With its deep water harbor,

Manitou offered respite

and wood for ship’s boilers.

But, coal and progress

slowly starved the island of commerce.

Only the ghostly remains of buildings

bathed in evening light

hug the shore,

and a quiet cemetery in the woods

marks the lives

of residents from

a century ago.

Off shore

The wreck of The Three Brothers

lies in the shallows.

Brave souls can dive below

Lake Michigan’s still waters

to gaze at what remains.

A chorus of spring peepers

signal evening’s approach.

The ghosts of Manitou

keep us company

as we make camp for the night

amid glorious evening light.

*poem inspired by Lynn Adams’ Evening Light & Linda Rief

8 thoughts on “Evening Light

  1. Love how you write in poems. So much said in so little space! I use too many words to get to where I am going. I love this sparse writing. You are so good at placing us in your environment. Can you tell me more about Lynn Adams and Evening Light?


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