Ever Present

We met for coffee

in the crisp morning hours.

Sitting at an outdoor table,

my friend and I,

both fully vaccinated,

sat a few feet apart

chatting animatedly…

it felt so normal.

At a nearby table,

a woman and her dog were enjoying

the brisk air and rising sun.


her dog began to howl —

a long, ancient keen

belonging to his ancestors.

An emergency vehicle sailed by,

blinking lights, blaring horns.

The black lab matched

his plaintive howl

to the sirens’ refrain.

“He feels like he needs

to mourn everyone,”

she offered with a light hearted laugh,

until we all realized…

nothing is normal.

3 thoughts on “Ever Present

  1. OMG! We have such similarities in our posts today! Our dog Ollie howls at sirens too! We love when he does that but it is a haunting cry as well. You are so right- nothing is normal, and dogs sense more than we know. Thank you for a great post reminding me to not take normalcy and our best canine buddies for granted. You hit the mark again!


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