A Writing Desk of My Own

Sitting down,

the first thing I do

is turn on the thin

chrome desk lamp.

Light floods the glass top

of a lean, modern desk.

Jars and mugs

filled with all manner

of colored pens and sharpened pencils

crown the top of the desk.

Above the desk,

a large picture window

brings in orange glows of sunrise.

This is a place for writing,

for pondering,

for creating.

There is something so uplifting

about my own writing space.


this haven,

carved out especially for words,

is an incubator

for creativity.


8 thoughts on “A Writing Desk of My Own

  1. Elizabeth Ellington wrote a post recently about the physicality of writing and inspiration. I’m starting to this there is more to this than I previously thought. In fact, your line “a large picture window

    brings in orange glows of sunrise” makes me think about the window that writing provides on the world, and writers need a space and a window. Beautiful poem!


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