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I drafted this poem today in response to Irene Latham & Charles Water’s poem “Justice” in Dictionary for a Better World. I wrote alongside my students.

For two years,

a virus kept us at arms length,

locked away.

Loved ones were available

only by phone or video.

Some struggled to survive.

As spring blooms,

we can thank

brilliant scientists.

Miracle drugs

developed in the flash of an eye,

shot hope into our arms.

We cheered health workers,

thanked grocery clerks,

appreciated  a walk outside.

We have been given 

a new chance —

a fresh start.

What legacy of good

will you leave  in

the world?





Will you bring back

selfish, me-first vibes

that  truly separated us

in the first place?

I vote 

we stay united, brothers and sisters.

4 thoughts on “United

  1. I love how you chose words shared in three lines.
    A few favs:
    arms length – locked away – available only – shot hope into our arms.
    And then end with a comparison questions.
    LOVE this poem!!


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