Magic Portals

In fairy tales,

the protagonist

finds a secret doorway

at the very moment

he or she needs it.

A shimmering cave,

a door at the base

of a Redwood tree,

a cabinet long ignored

or a breeze blowing,

seemingly, from behind a wall.

At the end of my street,

in the predawn hours

two weeks ago,

a light appeared.

This is no standard streetlight.

Brighter by twice

than any other street lamp,

the warm, glowing daylight

is visible from more than a block away.

It is as if the sun

has chosen to concentrate

in one small puddle

at the corner of two ordinary streets.

On that first day,

I hurried down the street

hoping to find the source of unusual brightness.

Had a neighbor installed a new security system?

Were two cars idling

for a clandestine meeting?


just a warm yellow

the color of baby chick feathers

pooling below the street lamp.


each morning I rise

and wonder if the light

will have vanished


perhaps a new shimmering

will indicate the secret portal

is open for adventure.

4 thoughts on “Magic Portals

  1. I love the first verse, with all the old doorways… (base of the redwood tree, forgotten cabinet, breeze blowing…) this is kind of perfect. And now that your light/portal seems to be staying put, I wonder what your imagination will use it for! (In addition to this creative piece!)


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