The squashed squirrel

lay prostrate

in the middle of the road,

not an unusual sight

for a busy suburban street.

What was unusual,

was the large predatory bird

sitting atop the remains

in the late afternoon light.

The bird’s scarlet-red head,

devoid of feathers,

had the wrinkled quality

of aged skin.

Standing at least two feet tall,

the bird dwarfed its prey,

and when its wings expanded,

the 6 foot shadow

enveloped the street’s center.

Afraid of no one,

the giant vulture

stared down passing humans.

When cars approached,

the bird moved only a few feet away

before returning to its meal.

My dogs and I moved on…

disquieted by the encounter

with one so bold,

so fearless,

so honest.

3 thoughts on “Predator

  1. Very cool small moment, very well crafted. The last word, honest, is great. My favorite verse, image, is the 4th verse. You made me see it stretch its wings and the shadow encompass the center of the street. Such a clear yet unexpected visual.


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