*I read the novella Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto. This story of belonging, loss and love reminds me to consider my spaces.

Light floods in
from the large window
over the kitchen sink.
A deep, white porcelain,
the sink anchors this kitchen.

Water fills pots,
feeds plants,
cleanses the day.

A pale celery green
coats the walls,
tall, white cabinets
store matched dishes,
assorted glasses
and mugs —
each embossed
with a memory.

Stainless steel
from the side-by-side refrigerator
to the stove,
toaster —
everything in its place.

Four square plates
hang inches apart
in a row
above the sink.
A golden green pear
graces the first plant
and each subsequent plate
loses a bit more of the pear
until only the seeds
ready to plant the beginnings
of a new feast
in this quiet kitchen.

6 thoughts on “Kitchen

  1. Beth, this is lovely. I had a yellow kitchen for a long time. I love that color. Light flooding in is so important. Our spaces fold into and reflect us. Your kitchen looks, sounds comfortable and inviting.


  2. You have obviously crafted your beautiful kitchen as you craft your poetry. I agree with Sally that the color words add a lot. And I love the symbolism in the pear trays. You made me feel more serene just reading.


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