Across the street
a new set
of brightly painted swings

For the young,
swings are a chance
to soar high above
the everyday.

For teens,
swings are a spot
to meet at dusk,
dragging feet in the dirt
while talking about
anything, everything.
Twisting the chains
in slow circles,
before unwinding
to start again.

For adults,
swings are nostalgia.
It is as an adult
we realize
swings are
so much more than swings.

6 thoughts on “Swing

  1. What a fabulous poem that speaks all the truths! I can see this poem being used as mentor text for all ages! Great images and feelings and again, so true! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Agreed with the above comment! Could totally be a mentor poem. Let me know if you’d be willing for me to share with my students!

    I loved how each stanza went through a different age. Beautiful.


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