Capital Beauty

On a trip
into the city yesterday
I took the scenic route –
along the river
near the monuments.

My mind was elsewhere
as I crossed the 14th Street Bridge,
so I was taken aback
by the heavy Saturday traffic.

The cherry blossoms.

In 1912,
the people of Japan
gifted cherry trees
to the capital city
as a sign of friendship.

hundreds of trees
ring the tidal basin.

On this beautiful Saturday,
I appreciated the slowdown
as I watched couples pose,
families stroll,
and cherry boughs
dip toward their reflections
in the still water.

5 thoughts on “Capital Beauty

  1. What a beautiful description of the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C.! Your post really transported me there. I was curious if you have a favorite spot to view the cherry blossoms, and if you have any tips for avoiding the crowds on busy Saturdays? Thank you for sharing your experience!

    y. e


    • I find that as a local, I only go see the cherry blossoms if someone is visiting. We have cherry trees all over Washington and in our neighborhoods in Norther Virginia. I live in Alexandria so I get to see the cherry blossoms every early morning across the river as I drive to school!


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