Teeming With Life

The tiny black beetle
hurdles across the walkway,
craving the safety
of the tall verdant grass.

I set my book down
to watch his progress
on a warm spring evening.

I notice
a line of ants marching
toward food
or perhaps returning home.

A glance up reveals
small gnats dancing
in the sinking sunlight.

the space
for quiet reading
has become a bustling metropolis.

Even in the calm of dusk,
I am reminded
our world teems
with buoyant life.

6 thoughts on “Teeming With Life

  1. Leah Koch says:

    So many words stick out to me here! Metropolis… hurdles… buoyant… I love the creative way you employed words to describe this quiet (or not so quiet) evening.


  2. I love how you tuned in to the smallest insects for this post. Most people would miss them. “Tall verdant grass” makes it seem like a real challenge from the beetle’s perspective.


  3. Ooh, you really brought the tiny “metropolis” to life in vivid detail! I liked how the early stanzas each focused on a certain kind of bug and the last couple brought them all together to help us feel the vastness of the life around you! Such a unique perspective!


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