Baby Chick

In first grade,
my teacher brought in
an incubator with seven eggs.

Should any of the eggs
the first students to bring in
permission slips
got to take home
a real, live bird.

We watched
and waited,
and waited.

one egg cracked.
another egg splintered.

One fluffy yellow chick
the color of butter
A downy white chick

Nina Miller and I
were first
with signed slips.

a few short days later
the sweet yellow fledgling
came home to roost.

My startled father
held his tongue
as my wild, generous mother
build a cozy, warm
nesting box.

What a lucky child
was I!

3 thoughts on “Baby Chick

  1. I love how you remember Nina Miller’s name, and how your father held his tongue, while your ‘wild, generous mother’ (beautiful phrase) made a nesting box. As a former first grade teacher, even one who hatched chicks in the classroom for many years, I would NEVER offer this to kids! How times have changed 🙂


  2. As a child I was always trying to figure out how to get a pet. Oh how I would have hounded my mom over this one (she would have said no). But you were the lucky one, your mom said yes and you got your pet.


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