No Snow

Daffodils raise their lemon yellow heads
to bask in the sun.
Cherry blossoms awaken
ahead of schedule.

But where was the snow?

No buds had to push up through
a winter blanket
or fend off icicles
hanging on branches.

No snow days,
school delays,
or winter wonderland walks.

Don’t get me wrong…
spring is my favorite season.

the joy of blooming days
is not quite as sweet
without the memory
of snow-kissed winter nights.

5 thoughts on “No Snow

  1. Love the poem and the thought but I have a lot of snow I am willing to send your way! I still have at least three feet of snow in my front yard. Not sure how deep the back yard is but I can see the raised beds yet. Enjoy spring!


  2. Anita Ferreri says:

    Love your poem and share you thoughts about the lack of snow. You can blame me. I hired a snow removal service with a prepay discount option this year…sigh …which certainly cost us all the snow!


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