Spelling Bee

A simple beehive
containing seven letters,
with the center one a necessity.

How many words can I create?

The New York Times
offers the perfect challenge
for a puzzler
like me.

But many a night,
I stay up way past bedtime
to discover enough words
to crown me a genius.

If only life
were like the Spelling Bee…
my genius would shine through
any situation
if only I could find
the right combination
of words

*inspired by a mentor text (Six Minutes, Twenty-six Seconds) in Linda Rief’s wonderful The Quickwrite Handbook.

8 thoughts on “Spelling Bee

  1. Your last verse—-
    I laughed (I too, want to be a genius at the Spelling Bee, and to be recognized!) Then your final passage struck a serious note. Yes, I would also like very much to find the right combinations…


  2. I love it and I love Spelling Bee! What a great analogy about it and life – just the right combination will crown me a genius! If only it were so simple. Such a great post – thank you!


  3. Did you write this poem in 6 minutes and 26 seconds?! Either way, love how you convey so much in this satisfying slice. I’ve been doing Spelling Bee daily ever since the pandemic started. I collaborate with two other friends. We share our lists once we reach genius and try to get Queen Bee together. And yes, we are up all hours of the night…


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